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The hospitality industry depends on customers for its livelihood. Using mist systems with our outdoor all-weather fans to cool off outdoor areas during the hotter months, you can increase the comfort level of your guests (and increase your revenue!) and make use of the outdoor sf that may sit empty due to temperatures in Summer. Comfortable customers tend to be happy customers and they may stay longer and spend more. Foodies who enjoy alfresco dining will love the cool breeze that our patio misters offer.

High-pressure mist systems can lower temperatures up to 30 degrees with the right conditions, mainly out West, but in the Southern states expect 8 to 20 degree drop with fans added to the equation. Adding one of our misting systems to your outdoor dining and leisure areas for your restaurants, cafes, hotels, resorts, casinos, bars, pubs, and clubs are an affordable way to increase you guests experience with you.

You can also attract customers with the fog effects that a mist system creates. And YES, high pressure mist systems DO WORK in humid climates with NO surface wetting or frizzy hair! You can see and experience Mist Works in many places like New Orleans, Atlanta, Destin, Orlando, Biloxi, Gulf Shores, Pensacola, Tampa, Dallas, Houston and even in the Caribbean.

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