Misting Systems FAQs and HOW “Mist” Works

How much temperature reduction can I expect with a high pressure mist system with fans?

Mist cooling is extra effective in drier, low humidity regions, like Arizona and Nevada -think Las Vegas “dry heat” (up to a 30 degree drop!).

We have tweaked our install method to work extremely effectively in higher humidity (40%-80%) places like the Southern states Louisiana, Florida, Mississippi and Georgia for up to 20 degree temperature reduction!   Without fans, you rely on Mother Natures breeze

When humidity levels hit over 80% the effectiveness is slightly diminished and you can expect temperature drops up to 10 degree.

Is the misting pump loud?

Our RCD, PHD, EXD and WAVE series pumps have Direct Drive pumps – they purr and are normally quieter than a pool pump.  We recommend placing the misting pump near your pool pump, or around the side of the home or building where the water and electric source is, to ensure the quietest operation.

What kind of maintenance does a misting system require?

Regular maintenance will help you avoid costly repairs. We service most of our Clients in the Southern states 1-2 times a year for Spring and Winter service.  In between Spring and winter, we offer service as well.

Our main services include:

SPRING Start-up Service:

  • Service pump unit
  • Fine tune pump unit
  • Flush systems
  • Clean or replace clogged nozzles
  • Service fittings
  • Service all lines & components
  • Check lines for wear
  • Restore system to operation
  • Pressure test system
  • Report any issues to Client

 WINTERIZING – Shut-down Service:

  • Service pump unit
  • Air flush atomizing lines
  • Change pump oil if needed
  • Drain filter canisters & replace filter cartridges if needed
  • Drain water from pump
  • Turn off power and water to pump
  • Winterize pump
  • Tag pump with ‘Do Not Use’ label for safety
Can I adjust the pressure on the pump?

Yes, there is a brass pressure regulator knob on your pump-head. Try to stay between 700-1000 psi. Do Not Exceed 1000 psi or you may damage your misting pump.

How often should my filters be changed?

Filter changes will depend on your water quality. It could be 6 months before you need to change them, or 3 weeks. This will be determined over time as you check them every week to start with, after install.  Filters should be white to start and will turn brown as they collect sediment.  If they are too dirty / clogged, they will not allow water through and your misting pump will not turn on and you may have debris reach your misting nozzles.

photo of dirty sediment filters from mist pump

New Clean filter (left), dirty filters (right) won’t allow water through the pump.

I have “HARD” water and/or high mineral content in my water, is there something special I need for my system?

While its not mandatory, and add-on item to help with this is a mineral / scale filter that will help reduce scale buildup on nozzles, helping to avoid clogging.  We also offer scale blaster’s; a computerized water conditioning system that solves hard water issues without using salt or chemicals.