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Outdoor Patio Heaters

2023 is supposed to be have a super cold Winter so plan ahead!

Ready to maximize your outdoor space this Fall & Winter? Caring enough to provide your Clients, family and animals with outdoor heating during colder months is just one thing that sets you apart from the crowd.  With social distancing in full swing, most restaurants and hotels will use outdoor seating, and many of us will be in our outdoor kitchens during the cold months-why not be warm and cozy with a patio heater?

Mist Works offers the best quality, top rated, and highest performing outdoor patio heaters from Canada and Australia from Victory Lighting, IR Energy, Solaira and Bromic

We have options for most all budgets!  Electric heaters (Infrared and Radiant), Natural gas (NG), and Liquid propane (LP) options.

Call 850-203-1998 or email if you need help to determine which patio heater would work best for you.

SAVE! NOW UNTIL 10/31/23  Victory Lighting IR Heaters are

Vin'Tij Miramar Beach Patio heaters & mist fans by Mist Works
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