Terms & Conditions

Terms of Sales

By signing or providing payment towards estimates or invoices from Mist Works, Client agrees to terms/conditions of this legal binding contract.

Client Responsibilities: Installations eff 4/21/2021

  • Provide Mist Works with any limitations on working hours/days PRIOR to arrival.  Estimates are quoted with the assumption of normal working hours and days-notification from Client of any restricted work hours/days will require us to requote the installation charge.
  • Plumbing/potable water (incl. water pressure at least 40 psi), to Product locations
  • Electrical and/or gas to MW Product locations
  • Lifts if necessary
  • Zoning, commission/organization approvals, if applicable.
  • Any and all sales tax and shipping  if applicable (min. shipping chg $9.99)
  • Other products/services may be necessary to complete job, to be agreed on by Client & MW.
  • Parking that is to be provided by Client must be dedicated without restrictions for duration of installation. If Mist Works vehicle(s) are charged for parking,  towed or ticketed while parked where Client assigned/directed Mist Works to park, Client will be billed for those charges.

Insurance Certificates (COI) Effective 5/1/19 

  • Additional Named Insured COI requests may be billed to Customer at based on company cost.
  • Waiver of subrogation requests will be billed to Customer at $50

Discounts /  Special Offers/  Trade Organizations / Miscellaneous

  • If any discount or trade discount is offered by Mist Works, ALL conditions of estimate/invoice must be met by Client in time noted or discount will be revoked, and charges will be billed to client in the amount of said discount.
  • Free shipping and sales do not apply to items paid for with trade organization payments.
  • Fuel surcharges may apply to service calls and installations

Account balances

  • Effective 3/1/2020 a late fee of 5% will be assessed on past due invoices.
  • Interest will accrue on all sums not paid within 30 days from Sellers invoice at the rate of one and one-half (1.5%) per month (Annual percentage rate 18%)
  • Buyer shall pay all costs of collection of any delinquent sum, including compensation made to any collection agency, and reasonable attorneys’ fees, costs and other expenses incurred in any bankruptcy proceeding.
  • $35 Returned check fee.
  • $15 incoming wire fee
  • Eff 2/1/2023 Credit card payments are accepted and a 3.75% convenience fee will be added to total due.

Typos and Errors

  • Mist Works not responsible for typographical errors, please call or email to clarify information.