Mist Works is your outdoor cooling & misting systems expert. A manufacturing leader in the misting industry since 1998, we are family owned and operated, building the highest quality outdoor mist systems for industrial and commercial, as well as hospitality and residential industries. Our products are for cooling, humidification, odor control, dust suppression, and even fog effects. Our combined experience of over 35 years in misting, expertise, commitment to customers, and passion for all things mist set us apart from the rest.

Back in the early 90s, Founder Brad Ritter was living in Las Vegas and experiencing misting systems on a regular basis. In the mid-90s he decided to move back to the East coast and thought the evaporative cooling concept was an exceptional idea for cooling off the hot South. In early 1996 He created the People Misters brand and began the journey to outdoor cooling. It took lot of trial and error perfecting misting without wetting in the humid South, since it was so different from the arid regions of Vegas, but after a few years of engineering tweaks to other systems, he began to engineer and build his high quality misting pumps for People Misters and configuring his systems to successfully cool without surface wetting in Florida, Louisiana and other humid regions.

In 2009, People Misters was re-branded as Mist Works, to avoid confusion with a competitor, the now defunct, People Misters International.

Compare our qualifications with the offerings of any legitimate competitor-we are hard to beat!

NOTICE: If you are looking for Peoplemisters.com: Mist Works is happy to serve all customers and clients of the defunct People Misters International  misting company. We provide replacement parts, maintenance and service, but we cannot do warranty work on their products. All of our Mist Works products are compatible with People Misters Int’l products.