Gulf Breeze Misting Pump


“Gulf Breeze” residential / light duty high pressure misting pump is perfect for cooling smaller outdoor areas with less use than a commercial or industrial system would see. The pump mounts on wall and plugs into standard 110V outlet. Your garden hose connects from spigot to pump.

• 1/4 GPM direct drive mist pump
• Glycerin filled pressure gauge
• Solenoid valve (if pumps power is shut off, stops water)
• Pressure Switch; prevents the pump from turning on without water, which would lead to over-heating and damage to pump.
• Aluminum powder coated enclosure with single 110V outlet
• On/off switch
• Single water filter

Flow (GPM) PSI HP PH VOLT HZ Warranty
0.25 700-1000 3/4 1 110/120 60 1 Year

12 in stock (can be backordered)

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